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JustBuild lol is an online game that has become popular among gamers of all ages. Developed by Lior Alterman, this game is available on various platforms and offers several game modes that provide players with hours of entertainment. In this article, we will discuss the game developer, platforms, game modes, other popular games of this developer, gameplay, rules of the game, and controls.

Game Developer

Lior Alterman is an independent game developer who has created several online games. He is known for developing games that offer a unique and entertaining gaming experience. In addition to JustBuild lol, Lior Alterman has also developed other popular games, such as Shell Shockers and Rooftop Snipers.


JustBuild.lol is available on several platforms, including PC and mobile devices. The game can be played directly in the browser, making it easy for players to access and play the game from anywhere.

Game Modes

JustBuild.lol offers several game modes that provide players with different challenges and gameplay experiences. These modes include Solo, Multiplayer, and Practice. Each mode offers a unique gaming experience that requires players to use their skills and strategy to win.

Other Popular Games of the Developer

Lior Alterman is a game development studio known for creating exciting and unique games. Some of the other popular games developed by Lior Alterman include:
  • Shell Shockers - A multiplayer game where players control an egg and fight against other players.
  • Rooftop Snipers - A two-player game where players must shoot each other off the rooftop.


JustBuild.lol is a building and shooting game that requires players to build structures while defending themselves from enemies. Players can choose from different materials and structures to build and protect themselves. The game is fast-paced and offers different challenges in each game mode.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are straightforward. The objective of the game is to build structures while defending against enemies. In Solo mode, players must build structures and defend themselves against waves of enemies. In Multiplayer mode, players can fight against each other to see who can build the best structure and defend against enemy attacks. In Practice mode, players can hone their building and shooting skills.


The controls of the game are simple and easy to learn. Players can use the WASD keys on their keyboard to move their character. The mouse is used to build structures and aim and shoot. Players can use the Q key to switch between materials and structures.


JustBuild lol is a fun and exciting online game that offers players a unique gaming experience. Developed by Lior Alterman, this game is available on various platforms and offers several game modes that provide players with hours of entertainment. If you're a fan of building and shooting games that require skill and strategy, then JustBuild.lol is the game for you.

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